An innovative concept for a stop-and-go with maximum efficiency
Der Wörner-Stopper. Das Original.

All-new PN-Line Pneumatic Stoppers

Key features revisited for an
innovative and economical solution
New, patented solution to simultaneously transmit the lowering force and the air for resetting the damping system.
The two core functions of a stopper - dampened stopping of the pallet and lowering of the stop plate - were implemented with cutting-edge technologies. The integration of additional functions was deliberately omitted. In those rare cases where such features are required, suitable products are available from our portfolio.
The design of the stopper is based on proven technology, e.g. on the optimal introduction of force into the basic housing through a center of rotation (important for residual impacts). The stopper’s design was successfully confirmed in endurance tests over 5 million cycles, individual components even up to 40 million cycles.
As a result of the increased damping volume, the damping capacity is also upgraded. For example, the PND-65 can stop a total pallet weight of 65 kg (at 6 m/min), instead of 60 kg for the comparable DBS-20/60.
Due to the reduction of the lowering piston area, the PND-65 reduces the air consumption by 10% compared to the comparable model DBS-20/60. This saves compressed air and thus reduces energy consumption.
As a result of the innovative product design and of the focus on essential functions, the stoppers of the PN line achieve an excellent price/performance ratio, create competitive advantages and protect investments.

Discover the PN-Line

The PN-Line in detail

  • Cutting-edge solution for air and lowering force transmission
  • Optimal transmission of force into the basic housing
    (critical for residual stroke)
  • Damping force easily adjustable from top of the stopper
Wörner components are entirely developed and produced in Denkendorf, at the heart of the technology centre of Baden-Württemberg. Up to 6.000 components are assembled into stoppers each day. An average of 78.000 stoppers are produced each year for our customers around the world.
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